My name is Georgina. I am Australian. I recently relocated to Greenwich CT after 6 years living in New York City. I live with my partner John and our two sweet girls - 4 year old Charlotte and almost 2 year old Alexandra. Oh, and let's not forget the fur-baby Winston. Welcome to my corner of the internet. I hope you brought cake.

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Like seriously, this coat is perfection.

Where is this coat from? Want. Need!!


Like seriously, this coat is perfection.

Where is this coat from? Want. Need!!

First Day of 4s Preschool

I had been bugging my boss about a trip to Boston and finally we agreed on dates. I immediately organized all the meetings and had it all sorted out within a few hours.

The next day the penny dropped. I had scheduled it for Charlotte’s first day back at school. Also, John was flying out for business at the crack of dawn so neither of us could be there.

Cue all the expletives in the world coming out of my mouth.

Could I have changed the date? Maybe but it would have been hard. So I figured it wasn’t her first day of preschool ever and she certainly wasn’t worried about going back. So I just got her all organized for the first day, asked some friends to get pics for me and off I went to Boston.


OK, let’s just talk about this sign. Last year I did a basic whiteboard thing for Charlotte to hold up - see here. I was quite chuffed with myself until I hit Facebook later in the day and saw one of my crafty friend’s with an amazing hand made sign for her daughter. What a brilliant idea, I thought. So a few days before preschool starts I’m thinking, shit when I am going to have time to do this. One google search later and I found someone on Etsy who made the sign, emailed it to me in PDF the next day and I printed it and stuck it to cardboard. BAM. It’s not home made but I couldn’t be more proud of myself!!


These two reunited! 


My friend Emily sent me a text giving me an update that made me both laugh and groan at the same time. “They did so so so great. I just left. They were both in princess dresses and doing dishes in the play kitchen. Feminism is officially dead”.

And of course before the first day, we had to go for the obligatory back-to-school haircut. I got photos obviously because how often does one get their hair done while sitting in a Lamborghini.




And little sister wanted in on the action. Although there is no way I’m letting anyone near her sweet little curls with a pair of scissors.


First Day of Preschool 2013

Strawberry Picking 2014

Back in June we did our annual strawberry picking trip. We went to the same place as last year - Jones Family Farm in Shelton CT - and headed there with some friends.

(And yep totally delinquent on writing this post especially as I am in the throes of planning our apple picking trip)

As usual most of the picking was done by me.

And most of the eating was done by Alex.

I did get some help along the way.

Strawberry Picking 2013 - with my Mum and baby Alex in the Baby Bjorn

Strawberry Picking 2012 - sporting a baby bump

NYC Photoshoot

I was recently promoted at work which now means I get my bio put on my firm’s website. Along with the bio goes a photo. Given that everyone else is based in the Bay Area we wanted photos that captured the fact that we are NYC-based.

I announced that I was DEFINITELY getting my hair blow dried professionally before the Photoshoot and then my co-worker suggested makeup too. Um, sounds great!

So the three of us spent a few hours having our hair and makeup done (at Dry Bar and Rouge). We opted for the You…Only Better option at Rouge. They should call it You Only Significantly Better. When we were all done, we sat up and looked at each other. We couldn’t stop giggling because we all looked so much better than we normally do!!

I ended up with a ton of great photos but I narrowed it down to this one. Ultimately I picked a photo that doesn’t clearly show the Flatiron Building but has a flash of taxis in the background which I think looks super New York-y. I’m glad my firm footed the bill obviously but in this digital age I think it’s a good investment to have a great profile picture for your various forms of social media.

You can’t expect to be happy all the time, he told himself. Then he revised that. No, he thought, the important thing is to take what you’ve got, no matter what that is, and find a way to make a happy life out of it somehow. Character in the book I’m reading at the moment.
Are we going to eat fluff at the fair? Charlotte, 4 years old. No wonder the kid is confused when I call it fairy floss and John calls it cotton candy.

My blog

When I first started my blog people would ask me, but what do you blog about?

And I thought it was a weird question because there was SO MUCH to blog about.

And I loved doing it.

It evolved from a place to share my life in NYC with my friends and family who are scattered around the globe to a diary of sorts that captured my feelings on my first pregnancy and new motherhood.

(I’m sure it was the typical HAVE BABY, KNOW EVERYTHING blog for a while there…..cringe).

I’ve shared so much on this blog and eventually when I didn’t love doing it as much I persevered, albeit less often, because I saw it as a scrapbook for our family’s memories.

I’ve been almost silent on my blog recently. I just cannot be bothered.

And now I’m one of those people asking the question, but what do you blog about?

So this is not a shutting-down-my-blog post because I really do hope to pick it back up again soon to continue keeping a family scrapbook (which I totally don’t mind sharing with the Internet at large).

But in the meantime until I possibly…..hopefully……get my mojo back I am on instagram (georgiegirlnyc) and if you miss my awesome (!) book recommendations come find me on Goodreads (username is georgiegirlnyc too - surprise!). Anything I rate 4 or more stars would make it onto my blog as a recommendation.

Seeya later!

Is it daytime at your house, Daddy? John is on a business trip and this was Charlotte’s first question for him on the phone tonight. She was fascinated by the fact that he was in a different time zone last business trip.

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