My name is Georgina. I am Australian. I recently relocated to Greenwich CT after 6 years living in New York City. I live with my partner John and our two sweet girls - 4 year old Charlotte and almost 2 year old Alexandra. Oh, and let's not forget the fur-baby Winston. Welcome to my corner of the internet. I hope you brought cake.

Georgie Girl

Q: Hey, Georgina...wanted to ask you two things. First, the side rail you have for Charlotte's room, what is it called and do you know if it'd fit on a Queen bed? Second, what is the name of that video monitor you have? Many thanks, Sarah


This is the bed rail we bought. I did heaps of research and I personally think this is the best one. It’s hard to find to buy online so I think John bought it on ebay. It fits any bed size.

And here is a post about the video monitor that we use. It is brilliant. 

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