My name is Georgina. I am Australian. I recently relocated to Greenwich CT after 6 years living in New York City. I live with my partner John and our two sweet girls - 4 year old Charlotte and almost 2 year old Alexandra. Oh, and let's not forget the fur-baby Winston. Welcome to my corner of the internet. I hope you brought cake.

Georgie Girl

How did you get so old? Charlotte age 4, after telling her my age.

Me:: Ugh, I feel sick

Charlotte:: Me too.

Me:: Which part of you feels sick?

Charlotte:: My cheeks.

Are we going to eat fluff at the fair? Charlotte, 4 years old. No wonder the kid is confused when I call it fairy floss and John calls it cotton candy.
Is it daytime at your house, Daddy? John is on a business trip and this was Charlotte’s first question for him on the phone tonight. She was fascinated by the fact that he was in a different time zone last business trip.

Hold your horses, kiddo

Me:: Five more sleeps until your birthday.

Charlotte:: Then I'll be four.


Charlotte:: I'll be going to college soon.

Me:: I can't believe you are going to be 4 next week. I'm a bit sad that you are growing up so quickly. When you grow up will you please visit me every week?

Charlotte:: Yes but only on the weekends. Because I will be busy doing very important work during the week.

Who took a bite out of the apple? Is that why it’s not working? Charlotte’s iPad stopped working so I did the old turn off/turn on trick. She watched it start back up and asked this question.
I can’t talk to you right now because I have to go to Target.

I just overhead Charlotte say this on her pretend cell phone. 

Target is always a priority. Even at the age of 3.

This is not so fun. Charlotte’s assessment of taking DOWN the Christmas decorations are 100% correct.
That’s you, Mommy! Charlotte said this while pointing at a photo of Gisele Bundchen on my phone. Charlotte is my favorite child now. And needs her eyes tested.

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